Our cuisine

cuisine restaurant neyrette

Ah! The “cuisine”… the heart of our establishment, where everything takes place.

It is in a simple and genereous manner that we prepare our dishes and local recipes.

All our specialities are homemade :

The “tourtons” and “oreille d’âne” gratin, foie gras, snails in shell, smoked trout and trout fished in our pond on command and grilled in our charcoal oven, as well as the lamb from Col du Festre are not-to-be-missed on the restaurant’s Menu, together with our homemade desserts.

Our menu


As we research quality and regional authenticity, our menu proposes local high-quality products.

All our meals are carefully elaborated by our chef. The lamb is originating from the Dévoluy, the beef and the pork are from neighbour valleys and our trouts are fresh from our ponds.

We are constantly searching for you small local producers so that you discover and enjoy the delicious tastes of our region.


Fisher salad (homemade smoked trout, green salad, tomatoes, onions…)

Moine salad with its honey sauce (traditional recipe, handmade quenelles based on potatos)

Homemade terrine and Champsaur’s charcuteries

Gourmand salad with the toasts of homemade foie gras

Frog legs

Snails in shell

Main dishes

Grilled trout from our fishpond

Vegetarian plate with cereals and vegetables


Piece of lamb from Col de festre


Piece of beef from Pellafol


Grilled marinated pork from Champsaur

Grilled cockerel


Crème brûlée

Nuts pie


Chocolate fondant

Ice meringue…


Complete menu                           38.00€

Starter + main dish + dessert   33.20€

Starter + main dish                     28.80€

Main dish + dessert                    27.30€

Starter + dessert                          20.00€

Dish                                                 19.50€

Starter                                             13.50€

Cheeese                                             7.10€

Dessert                                              7.10€

produits terroir la neyrette
produits terroir la neyrette